Signature Leadership Orange:
The Program and Application Process

The Signature Leadership Orange program brings outstanding adults, with a variety of backgrounds from across Orange County together to take part in an educational leadership program.

Leadership Orange seeks individuals who:

  • Are at least 21 years of age and live and/or work in Orange County.
  • Are committed, motivated, and eager to serve in volunteer, appointed or elected leadership roles in Orange County.
  • Are able to commit the time and energy to complete the program and continue to serve the community.
  • Have demonstrated community or career achievement appropriate to age and experience.
  • Represent a cross-section of business, professions, organizations, government, education, socio-economic, ethnic backgrounds, age and geographical areas throughout Orange County.
  • Are committed to staying actively involved in the county.


In addition to the opening and orientation, the time commitment includes 10 sessions as well as full participation in a group project completed outside of class.  Attendance at all sessions is expected and participants who miss two sessions will need to withdraw from the program without graduating.

Tuition & Scholarships

The Leadership Orange Signature program has a one-time tuition fee of $1,300 and includes all course materials.  There are limited scholarships available to those who are able to demonstrate financial need, and the request for scholarship funds has no bearing on the selection process. Once you have completed your application, you will have the opportunity to complete a scholarship application form.

Ready to apply?

Once you complete and submit your application you will receive an email with instructions on next steps. Each applicant is given an interview and at the conclusion of the interview process, the Selection Committee will meet mid-July to select the new class. Candidates will be notified shortly thereafter on their acceptance.  Applications must be submitted no later than June 15th of each year.

The application process is closed and will reopen in Spring 2020.

Junior Leadership Orange

Junior Program Application 2019-2020

Please type or print clearly and answer each section completely.

Applicant Information







1. Please tell us a little about yourself:

2. Please tell us why you want to join the Junior Leadership Orange Program:


Supporting Documentation
1. Have a Teacher, Guidance Counselor or Principal certify this application by completing and signing below:


I confirm that based on my observations, *Required
will not have trouble making up work missed while attending this program for seven separate days over the course of the school year and that this student will be entering 8th grade in September of 2019.



2. Have your parent /guardian read this portion and sign below:

I am aware that my child,
is applying for the Junior Leadership Orange Program. If selected, I understand that we both must be in attendance at a Family Informational Session that will be scheduled over the summer months. (Please note that you will be given 2 dates and times to choose from.) I understand that this program is NOT just for traditional leaders. The basis for this initiative is to serve well behaved youth who have demonstrated leadership qualities in either a traditional or less traditional sense, and may not otherwise have an opportunity to participate in this type of program. In order to participate, my child will miss seven school days over the course of the school year and any work missed while taking part in this program must be made up. This is a participatory, interactive program for students who enjoy that type of setting. Youth are expected to be ACTIVE participants, taking part in conversations, interactive games etc.





3. Please have an adult who is not related to you, complete the required “Recommendation Form”.
This person should be able to give examples of how you have demonstrated leadership qualities. Remember; leadership can be expressed in many different ways – whether it has been in school or out of school.

Important Checklist


Return complete Application Packet and Recommendation Form to:

PO Box 26, Rock Tavern, Rock Tavern, NY 12575

Junior Leadership Orange Recommendation Form

To be completed by a non-relative adult who can speak to applicant’s strengths (in-school and/or out-of-school) and reasons for recommending youth for this leadership program.




Junior Leadership Orange is a program for eight grade students that strives to identify emerging young leaders, providing them with knowledge and skills that foster vision that they will ultimately utilize to strengthen their local communities. This is a h ighly selective process with limited slots from each Orange County school district. Selected youth will be active participants, taking part in conversations, interactive games, etc. It is the goal of this program to be made up of a group of diverse youth leaders from both non- traditional and traditional settings.


Non-traditional leadership: applicant might volunteer as an individual rather than with a formal group for charity events (i.e. breast cancer walk), in a band (outside of school), helps a local animals shelter, etc.
Traditional leadership: applicant might participate in school groups, sports, scouts, faith based groups, etc.

What unique skills and abilities does this candidate possess that makes them a good example of a Non-traditional or Traditional Leader (as described above). - Feel free to elaborate

You may attach up to one (1) sheet of additional information.

For additional information, please contact Karolyn Thompson 855.312.LEAD

Junior Leadership Orange:
The Program and Application Process

The Junior Leadership Orange Program (JLO) is designed for eighth-grade students who have been identified as up-and-coming youth leaders either within their school or through extracurricular activities.  JLO strives to bring together a diverse group of promising young leaders and “outside-the-box” thinkers so they can have the opportunity to learn and grow from one another.  Over the course of the school year, students will be provided with the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to foster a sense of civic leadership and an interest in community building.

Before applying, we ask that you carefully consider the following important points:

  • To participate, students will miss seven school days over the course of the school year.  Any academic work missed while taking part in this program must be made up.
  • This is a participatory, interactive program. You will be expected to be an ACTIVE participant, taking part in conversations, interactive games, etc.

Applications open in March and close mid-May.   Before the Selection Committee reviews the applications, any information identifying the youth (other than school district) is removed from the application.  This is what we call a “blind process” and is intended to ensure that the selection process is unbiased and gives each student an equal opportunity to participate in the program.  A maximum of thirty-eight students are accepted into the Junior Leadership Orange program each year, and we strive to have representation from all school districts in Orange County.  This is a highly selective process, and all applicants are notified by the end of June if they have been accepted.

For Employers

Employers are investing in the future of their business and the future of our community when their employees participate in the Signature Leadership Orange program.  By encouraging and supporting an employee to join Leadership Orange, you are nurturing our future leaders and providing them with skills and training essential to success both in the work environment and Orange County.

By participating in Leadership Orange, your employee will:

  • Gain confidence
  • Expand leadership capabilities
  • Increase their understanding and importance of teamwork
  • Develop problem-solving and communication skills
  • Build lasting professional connections
  • Learn the importance of giving back to the community
  • Expand and discover new skills and talents

A stronger employee leads to a stronger team especially when they are in the lead. Show your employees that you believe in them. Send a candidate to Leadership Orange today.  Make an investment in their future, your future and our future together.

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