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Leadership Orange About Us

About Us

Leadership Orange, a non-profit organization located in Orange County, New York, is the county’s premier leadership training  program. In 1992, local community and business leaders established Leadership Orange to identify and cultivate the next generation of leaders in Orange County. Since then, this program grew significantly into a multi-dimensional training program for both adults and youths. There are now over a thousand alumni of both the Signature and Junior Leadership Orange Programs.  Each year, students attend monthly in-depth, educational sessions taught by local business, community, and government leaders.  Students are educated about various challenges and issues in the region and are challenged by putting their knowledge to work all  with the goal of improving the quality of life in Orange County.

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Team Members

Thompson, Karolyn
Neucall, Bonnie


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Sharon Williams-V3-02.png
V2 Kelly Pressler-13-13-13.png
V2 Christopher Gomez-10-10.png
Ben Brown-09.png
Everett Collie-03.png

Board of Directors

Directors of Emeritus

Susan Hawvermale

Robert Marchione

Daniel O'Brien

Nancy Proyect

Col Charles Faro

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