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Leadership Orange Signature Program

Leadership Orange Signature Program

The Signature Program is designed to provide a diverse group of exceptional individuals, that either live or work in Orange County, with an in-depth understanding of the many challenges and opportunities within the county and thus enable them to better serve their own communities going forward.

The Signature Experience

Over ten months, 10 classes total, participants receive training from local business, community, and government leaders on topics important to the residents and businesses of Orange County. Topics include diversity & inclusion, education, planning & infrastructure, health & human services, government &  politics, quality of life, economic development, leadership development, project management, and the judicial system. Each class includes educational presentations, role-playing, and roundtable discussions. And, participants will be challenged by putting their knowledge to work through fundraising, community service, class projects, and so much more – all with the goal of improving the quality of life in Orange County.

Prospective Participant Qualifications

● Are at least 21 years of age and live and/or work in Orange County.
● Are committed, motivated, and eager to serve in volunteer, appointed, or elected leadership roles in Orange County.
● Can commit the time and energy to complete the program and continue to serve the community.
● Have demonstrated community or career achievement appropriate to age and experience.
● Represent a cross-section of business, professions, organizations, government, education, socio-economic, ethnic backgrounds, age, and geographical areas throughout Orange County.
● Are committed to staying actively involved in the county.

Tuition & Scholarship

The Leadership Orange Signature program has a one-time tuition fee of $1,500 and a $35 application fee.  Tuition includes all course materials. There are limited scholarships available to those who can demonstrate financial need, and the request for scholarship funds has no bearing on the selection process. Once you have completed your application, you will have the opportunity to complete a scholarship application form. 

For Employers

Employers are investing in the future of their business and the future of our community when their employees participate in the Signature Program.  By encouraging and supporting your employee to join Leadership Orange, you are nurturing our future leaders and providing them with skills and training essential to success both in the work environment and Orange County.

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Apply to the Signature Program

 * Application deadline is June 15, 2022

Meet The Class of 2023

The Young Professionals Development Program has been designed to benefit the emerging generation of leaders; focused on strength maximization, minimization of development gaps, and elevation of performance standards. The program aims to prepare participants to plan courageously and strategically for their continuous growth and advancement.

The Young Professionals Experience

From September to December, the Development program classes will meet once per month in person. Topics include getting to know Orange County, emotional intelligence, work-life balance, mental health, leadership skills, diversity, equity and inclusion, public speaking and communication, networking, time management, business etiquette, and volunteerism. The program will also feature a three-part Finance Series (virtual format) about how to live your best financial life.   Each class includes speakers and educational presentations.

Prospective Participant Qualifications

● Are at least 18-30 years of age.​

● Live and/or work in Orange County.

● Committed and motivated individuals to learn and grow.

Tuition & Scholarship

The Development Program has a $199 tuition fee and $20 application fee. Scholarships are available to any individual who demonstrates financial need.

Apply to the Larkin Family Young Professionals Development Program

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The Larkin Family Young Professionals  Development Program

The Larkin Family Young Professionals Progra

 * Application deadline is July 31, 2022

Junior Leadership Orange Progra

Junior Leadership Orange Program

The Junior Leadership Orange program is a collaboration between the Orange County Youth Bureau and Leadership Orange for eighth grade students that attend school in Orange County. Students are identified as up and coming youth leaders in the seventh grade and formal training begins in the eighth grade. This youth empowerment program is designed to provide leadership skills, life skills, career exposure, and preparedness to youth who will potentially become the business and community leaders of the future. JLO (Junior Leadership Orange) effectively engages youth by challenging them to develop skills, gain critical awareness, and act as community advocates.

The JLO Experience

The Junior Leadership Orange program serves up to thirty-eight youth from sixteen different school districts in Orange County and operates during the academic school year. Students meet once a month on a school day and visit various locations in the county to attend interactive educational presentations. They meet with instructors and facilitators from a variety of sectors in leadership positions across Orange County and receive training in several areas including leadership, education and college readiness, the justice system, public speaking and communication, volunteerism, diversity, fiscal literacy, and quality-of-life.


There is no cost to schools, students, or families! This program is sponsored by generous contributions made by area businesses, organizations, and individuals who wish to make an investment in youth and the future of Orange County.

Apply to the Junior Leadership Orange Program

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*Application deadline is June 15, 2022

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